Carpet Water Damage – The Importance of Acting Fast

Water damage from flooding always happens when you least expect it! So when water damage occurs, you want to minimise the damage to your carpets and home by acting as quickly as possible. Continue reading to find out how Complete Carpet Restoration can help you avoid the mould and mildew that grows in your [...]

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Which Carpets Are Easiest To Clean?

Many people think that carpets are all the same. How wrong they are! Carpets, just like any other product, comes in an array of designs, styles and materials. And just like other products, they all require different ways of cleaning. When it comes to carpet, there are three main carpet materials that stand out. [...]

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Why Does Your Carpet Get Odours?

 Have you always wondered about what makes your carpet smell? Do you want to know why there is an odour lurking around your floors? Well, there is no need to guess anymore. We have the reasons and main causes on why your carpet gets odours. Mould and mildew. Water stains, natural sweat and hot [...]

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