Complete Carpet Restoration is the number one choice for you. When it comes to delivering top quality cleaning services, including carpet restoration and carpet repairs, we are the experts for you.

Our services are available throughout Melbourne and for all properties that need our services. With our experience in the industry, the our advanced carpet cleaning techniques and methods, and the latest equipment in our possession, you know that you are getting a team of professionals that are dedicated to delivering you the perfect results.

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    Our Carpet Restoration Services

    Water can be real killer for carpets. When accidents happen and carpets get flooded with water, getting damaged in the process, people think that there is no way to get their carpet back to their best. That will not be a problem with the experts at Complete Carpet Restoration just being one call away. We have all the latest cleaning and drying techniques to return your carpet back to its premium best. Regardless of the condition of the water damage, we have everything you need to get it back to its best.


    We have a very detailed process when it comes to repairing water damaged carpets. This way, we can guarantee that the carpets will be back to their original best. Part of our process includes:

    Water extraction. Using the latest high-powered specialised machines, we remove all the water from the carpet. With a stronger airflow, the water will be quickly absorbed, meaning the carpet can be quickly return to normal.

    Drying the area. With a strong selection of air movers and dehumidifiers, we remove any remaining moisture from the carpet. This will take some time, depending on the condition of the carpet.

    Air purification. Following on from the drying process, we open up all the potential openings to the room, as well as use an air filter to suck out all the contaminated air and clear out the smell.

    Decontaminating the area. We thoroughly go through the carpet if there are any bacteria lying back in the floors. Before anything else, we want to make sure that all bacteria is eliminated.

    Invisible Carpet Repairs in Melbourne

    When it comes to restoring and repairing carpets without making it look like any work has been done, then that is when you need Complete Carpet Restoration’s invisible carpet repairs service. Our work is so well designed and perfectly executed that we can return your carpet to its premium best – without making it look like any work has been done!

    That is why when it comes to invisible carpet repairs in Melbourne, we are the experts that you can trust. With a deft touch and our advanced methods and equipment, we can ensure that your carpet is repaired and restored back to its premium best. This is the type of high service you can expect from us.

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    Complete Carpet Restoration, Melbourne

    We offer complete carpet restoration, repair and cleaning services Melbourne wide and Victoria.  We specialise in flood and water damaged carpet repair, contact us today for a quick quote.

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    Our carpet restoration, carpet repair and all our other services are available throughout Melbourne. When you get into contact with us, we will commit to you then and there for all your flood water damage problems. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whenever and wherever you need our carpet restoration services, we will be there to help you. For a fast, efficient and perfect service, get in contact with Complete Carpet Restoration today.

    Our Commercial Carpet Restoration and Cleaning Service

    Commercial workplaces throughout Melbourne have always faced problems when it comes to dealing with water damage carpets. Once water has entered and damaged carpets, it is very difficult to get your carpet back to its premium best. But there is no need to panic, when you can get in touch with the experts here at Complete Carpet Restoration.

    Part of our commitment to Melbourne is to provide commercial workplaces of all sorts, from offices to retail, with commercial carpet restoration and cleaning services. Our modern and advanced techniques means that we can look at your water damaged carpet, restore it and clean it, so that it looks brand new, as well as being strong as ever. When it comes to quality, you know we are the team for you.

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    Complete Carpet Restoration Services

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    If you are looking to get your carpet cleaned and looking its best, then we are the experts for you. Expect the complete cleaning service with us.

    carpet repair

    Wet carpet or not, trust us to dry it properly and professionally. You will have your soft feeling and stunning carpet back its best before you know it.

    water damage carpet drying

    We have the skills to repair any and all damages to your carpet. We can get your carpets looking and feeling like their best.

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    Get ready for the feeling of having your carpets brought back to life with our restoration services. Worried about it being water damaged? We can get it back to its best for you.