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Types of Carpet Damages We Can Restore For You

Carpets are beautiful and these soft floor coverings make home life so cozy.  Carpets are nice and warm during those chilly winter months. They act as good buffers for young children, toddlers and even tiny babies learning to crawl and walk.  And carpets are great for simply enjoying quality time with family and pets while [...]

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10 Things to Do If Your Carpet is Affected by Fire or Water Damage This Winter

Plenty of homeowners and businesses love carpets inside the building.  Carpets are so easy and quick to install and they look absolutely brilliant.  Carpets give a home or business a sense of warmth and a much snugger and cosier feel which is brilliant for chasing away some of the winter blues.  The soft padding [...]

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Wet Carpet Water Extraction Options for Residential & Commercial Applications

Wet carpets are a nightmare.  There is nothing inside your home that is tougher to keep clean and to get dry than carpet. Carpets cover the entire floor surface and the home’s wall tends to capture the moisture while very little of the carpet is ever exposed to direct sunlight.  This and humid weather conditions [...]

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Why is Mould and Mildew in Your Carpets Such a Big Threat?

Life in Melbourne is great.  Our bustling city offers plenty of great activities to do and the coastal line allows us to enjoy plenty of breathtaking sunsets.  But living in a city on the coastline has one major disadvantage.  The humidity and misty winter weather often make it hard to keep homes completely dry [...]

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Water Damage Restoration & Wet Carpet Drying Tips

Home accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.  Our modern lifestyle is all about hustling and bustling.  It can be so easy to forget to open or close a tap while we are busy trying to get everything ready for the day.  It is also easy to miss that suspicious water leak [...]

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