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Are The Relatives Visiting? Here’s How to Get Your Home Squeaky Clean Before Christmas

Christmas time is the best time to catch up with family you haven’t seen in a while. It feels good to dote upon loved ones with a great tasting Christmas dinner when they visit. And even though these visitors are your hearts people who have seen you at your best and worst, it always feels [...]

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6 Tips to Keep Your Carpets in Great Condition

There is no other flooring solution that can make a home feel as comfy and warm as carpets. Lots of homeowners prefer carpets because they look and feel so great. These flooring solutions are never chilly in the wintertime and children can enjoy casual playtime on these floors without the risk of getting serious injuries [...]

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What Is Steam Carpet Cleaning?

It is important to give your carpets a proper deep clean at least twice a year. Dry carpet cleaning only involves vacuuming out dry soils but will leave behind stubborn and sticky dirt as well as any organisms and bacteria that might be lingering in your carpets. If it is time to deep clean those [...]

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Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning In Domestic Homes

It is finally spring again. Most families are absolutely thrilled because it is much easier for everyone to step out of the house to stay healthy during those chilly winter months. Early spring is the best time to properly spring clean your home. This is because lots of insects hide out in our homes [...]

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11 Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning For Your Business

It is important to get your company carpets cleaned professionally at least once every six months. Your business relies on a professional and hygienic front for success and carpets need to stay clean to prevent illnesses amongst employees and clients.  Domestic carpet cleaning equipment isn’t suitable for proper carpet cleaning at all. Average vacuum cleaners are not [...]

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How to Properly Care For Your Carpets to Ensure Longevity

There are few flooring solutions as gorgeous and luxurious as quality carpets. A lovely, thick and soft carpet is cosy to step on, immediately makes homes seem and feel all warm and they are so great to sit or play on when you are caring for tiny human beings.  Good quality carpets don’t come cheap [...]

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