How to Restore and Refresh Your Carpets in the New Year

2020 Sure has changed the way we go about life and sadly, many of these big changes will continue to have an effect on our lives for a large portion of 2021. We are all forced to live cleaner and more hygienic lifestyles to stay safe and avoid catching the dreaded coronavirus.  It is very [...]

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Good Reasons to Get Professional Carpet Cleaning Before the Festive Season

The festive season is just around the corner and getting closer with each passing day.  Most people have their focus set on décor items and gifts at this time.  But pretty soon, your focus will start to shift to your home.  Everyone wants to have a nice and clean home when guests arrive for the [...]

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What Does It Take To Keep Your Carpets Clean and Healthy

Carpets are wonderful flooring treatments for homes and office spaces because they look so luxurious and can be so warm and cosy.  Beautiful carpets can be pricy which means you need to do what you can to keep them in good condition.  It is also important to clean your carpets regularly because lots of dirt, [...]

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Carpet Cleaning: Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions

Carpets can get pretty messy pretty fast.  If you are struggling to keep your carpets clean and odour-free then it is probably time to leave this challenging task in the hands of professionals like Complete Carpet Restorations.   When you are trying professional carpet cleaning for the first time, you will likely have quite a few [...]

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6 Concepts to Keep Your Carpets Clean For Longer

Carpets are lovely flooring solutions in various parts of your home.  They are ideal for warming up areas like your living room, bedrooms, and dining room.  This is the only flooring solution that isn’t chilly to step onto and carpets are glorious for raising little ones who fall over so often. But keeping your carpets [...]

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The Process of Restoring Soaked Carpets

Did your carpets get soaked?  Well, you are in for quite a journey because restoring soaked or flooded carpets are no simple task.  Even if you do manage to suck out all the water from these cozy flooring solutions you will still have a lot of work ahead of you because carpets need to be [...]

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6 Dirty Carpet Facts You Never Knew But Should

There is nothing that makes a home feel cosier than a soft warm carpet. Carpets are a real treat in the wintertime because they keep your home much warmer and you never have to winch at the sudden chill of an ice-cold floor no matter how cold it gets. These flooring solutions are also ideal [...]

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What Types Of Bacteria May Be Living In Your Carpet?

Thick and soft carpets sure are glorious to have in a home or office. These soft floor solutions can reduce the chill of winter months and can make homes feel a lot cozier.  Unfortunately, lots of germs and bacteria also love your carpets just as much as you do. Carpets are an ideal breeding ground [...]

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The Best Ways to Remove the Most Common Carpet Stains

Accidents happen and soft fabric covered floors are bound to get stained at one point or another.  Carpet stains are some of the most challenging stains to remove because the products are usually very difficult to clear off rugs and you cannot simply cut a piece of rug from your floor to soak the stain.   [...]

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Ways to Create a Healthier Office In 2020

2020 Is a good year to start paying more attention on health, especially if your employees are constantly taking sick leave. Employees spend an average of 8 hours a day in your office which is plenty of time to spread germs around the office space. Every time someone picks up a cup, touches a door [...]

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